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PMHNP Flix Crash Course

Domain I and II Includes: . Test taking strategies. · Advanced pathophysiology. . Advanced pharmacology. · Pharmacokinetics. · Pharmacodynamics. · Extrapyramidal side effects. · Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. · Dopamine pathways. · Neuroanatomy. · Neurodevelopment. · Clinic interviewing. · Health promotion and disease prevention. · Mental health screening tools. · Mental status exam. Domain lll Includes: . Covers key concepts on diagnosis and treatment. · Application-based questions to test knowledge. . Complementary and alternative treatments. Domain IV includes: · Individual therapies including cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy. · Family therapies including structural family therapy, strategic family, family systems therapy, and solution-focused family therapy. · Change theories such as transtheoretical model of change, motivational interviewing. · Erik Erikson’s stages of human development. · Piaget’s stages of cognitive development. Domain V includes: *Scope of practice. . Standard of practice. · Informed consents. . Confidentiality. . Ethical principles such as Justice, Autonomy, Beneficence, veracity, and nonmaleficience. · Patient advocacy. . Culturally competency. . Case management . . Health policy. . Just culture. . Quality improvement. . Research. ** NO REFUND POLICY ** All sales are final, and the Company does not offer any money-back guarantees.

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