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Welcome to PASS known as MAATC Review

I am pleased to announce that we have rebranded and renamed our MAATC REVIEW, now known as PASS. With this new name, we have also launched a new website with an updated look and feel.

Please do not hesitate to send us a message with any questions. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you!

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You've finished nursing school, but there's one more hurdle to clear before you can get your license and start working. Even if you have a stellar academic record, passing the PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, NCLEX RN / LPN exam can be a challenging task. That is why there are so many PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, NCLEX RN / LPN review courses available to assist you. 

When selecting a Review Center, look for a team that supports your academic goals, as well as people who are genuinely enthusiastic and empathic, and help you gain confidence in your ability to pass the examination.

Consider joining our expanding MAATC family! We can assist you in determining which PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, NCLEX RN / LPN test prep course is best for you. Learn how to pass the PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, and NCLEX RN / LPN exams. Trusted by over ten thousand members. We will assist you in passing your nursing exam on the first try!

Aspiring nurses and NPs who complete the MAATC review have a 98.78% passing rate on the PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, and NCLEX RN / LPN exams. This review prep course was created by an experienced NP / RN who desired a simple and concise way to deliver the material. It provides a distinct teaching method based on the concept of linchpin concepts, to which users appear to respond positively.

Gain self-assurance and confidence in your ability to pass the exam. For the first time. You can study on the go with ONLINE MASTER CLASS—anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of practice questions will help you prepare, understand the correct and incorrect answers, and track your progress with comprehensive data. A subscription to Flix Crash Courses includes everything you need to pass the PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, NCLEX RN / LPN —Pass guarantee exams.

Dr. Morante's online PMHNP, FNP ANCC / AANP, NCLEX RN / LPN courses are designed for test takers who want guided instructions and the highest possible score increase

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My name is Dr. Peter Morante, Here to Enabling you to accomplish your objectives and pass your board exam.

Gain knowledge and learn from my experiences. Spend less time studying!

I passed PMHNP Exam and both the ANCC and AANP exams, and my review courses resulted in a 98.7% pass rate!

My Master Class and Flix courses are designed to help you identify the areas of study where you need to focus your efforts — and you can work at your own pace as you prepare for your exam.

Get the assistance you need. You are not alone — our online community has over 10,000 members who are all striving to pass their boards! With your hard work and our assistance, you can achieve your goal.

Three simple steps to being equipped and prepared for your exams!

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